[Sempio] Soy Sauce Jin 860ml 샘표 진간장

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[Sempio] Soy Sauce Jin 860ml 

Korea’s No. 1 soy sauce for over 70 years

Sempio has a market share of over 61% in the Korean soy sauce industry, making it the standard soy sauce brand for Korean cuisine.


For strict quality management, we invest around 5% of our annual sales in R&D with 20% of our employees working as researchers.

Only carefully selected non-GMO ingredients are used, and each manufacturing process goes through over 110 types of quality tests.

Sempio soy sauce is a world-class quality product, in compliance with various international standards including HACCP, KOSHER, SQF, and ISO.

A healthy and tasty meal with less sodium

Net Weight : 900ml 

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